Your microbes will thank you later.

Trillions of microbes reside on and inside of your body. Learn more about what they are doing for you today!

Human Gut Test
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Your Microbiome.

Maintenance of a thriving, diverse microbiome is essential for your overall well-being. Imbalances in the microbiome are linked to a host of complications including asthma, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

Testing your microbiome regularly allows you to see how your lifestyle changes affect your microbes in real time.

Imagine this.

Your body has about as many bacterial cells as it does human ones. It’s about time we consider the role our bacteria play in our bodies. 

What you’ll learn.

Your customized report will give you a comprehensive look at your microbiome. It also provides actionable recommendations for improving your gut health. See below for more information. 

Let your bacteria speak for themselves.

With this test you’ll be able to:

Your Report

We provide you with a comprehensive gut health report using bioinformatics, machine learning techniques, and expert scientific investigation. By assessing what microbes are living inside of you, and what they’re up to, you can unlock the potential of your microbiome.

Microbial Diversity

Bacterial Taxonomy

Microbial Composition

Microbial Comparisons

Vitamin Production

Probiotic Bacteria

Fiber Digestion

Mood Regulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

An ideal time to test your microbiome is one that most accurately reflects your normal day-to-day life. It is best to avoid significant dietary alterations prior to taking the test, as this may alter your microbiome.

If you’ve recently taken antibiotics, you should wait approximately 2 months before taking a test. Antibiotics are not incredibly specific in the bacteria they target and kill. This can drastically alter your test results, and give an inaccurate depiction of your normal microbiome.

We aim to have your results ready within 3-4 weeks. You can log in to your account and track the progress of your sample. We will be as transparent as possible throughout the process.

You need to register your kit in order to link it to your account. Registration connects the unique kit ID on your stool sample to your account so we know your sample belongs to you. As a result, if you do not register your kit you will not receive your results.