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Unlocking the Potential of your Microbiome.

Your body houses trillions of microbes, inside and out, and collectively they are referred to as the human microbiome. 

Your microbiome is vital for digestion, mental health, and immune system function. With the Prime Discoveries Gut Microbiome Test, you'll be able to understand the interplay between your microbiome, diet, and lifestyle and get a comprehensive perspective of your gut health.

Human Gut Test
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Prime Discoveries’™ state-of-the-art technology platform integrates automation, machine learning, and advances in computational biology to accelerate discoveries. Our automated CLIA certified lab enables us to process high sample volumes with prompt turn-around.

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Microbes, or microorganisms, are among the oldest living creatures on the planet. They are made up of one cell, invisible to the naked eye, and cover virtually every surface of the globe. Trillions of microbes, including bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi live on and inside of our bodies. These microbes consume nutrients and convert them into “metabolites” that can have beneficial or detrimental effects on your health.

There are many significant associations between our microbiome and our health. Commonly referred to as “an additional organ” or “the second genome”, the microbiome is essential to digestion, immunity, and brain function. In fact, a significant portion of our vitamin production and fiber digestion is performed by the bacteria inside of our gut. Various conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diabetes, asthma, obesity, acne, and gum disease have been linked to imbalances in the microbiome. There are even associations between the gut microbiome and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and autism.

Nope! Microbes live on and in many regions of your body, some of which include your nose, mouth, throat, skin, and genitals.